Spirit Mountain Casino Breakfast Buffet Hours

When you are looking for the perfect way to start off your vacation, Spirit Mountain Casino in Lakewood, Ohio is one of the places you must consider. This casino is well known for its legendary breakfast buffets. These buffets can be found all around the resort and there are some times that the breakfast buffet is offered for free with a purchase of a day at the casino. If you have never been to a casino before, you may want to look into the many benefits of getting a buffet. They are not cheap, but they are worth it for the experience that you will have while at the casino. There are five different areas where you can find the buffet; Lakewood, Cleveland, Columbus and North Ridgeville.

What makes the breakfast buffets at Spirit Mountain Casino so special? They offer a variety of items to munch on; chicken strips, hash browns, pancakes, French toast, cereal and waffles. There are also several alcoholic beverages that you can choose from as well as several choices for desserts. The buffet itself can last up to twenty minutes. There are some people who have said that they get their favorite items on the first bite of the food that they are served.

The Lakewood buffet offers morning, afternoon, and evening hours; however, the morning buffet is usually cheaper than other buffets. There are generally about eight to ten servers working during the morning and afternoon. At night, this number increases to twelve to fifteen servers. The other difference is that the latter portion of the evening service is more expensive. It is common to see that a young couple will be served a minimum wage breakfast; however, some families are treated like royalty during the casino’s breakfast hours.

There are a few different ways that you can access Spirit Mountain’s breakfast offerings. If you go up to the hotel just before they open for business, you should be able to find a table in the banquet hall. Another way is to make a visit to the casino during their regular opening hours. The hotel actually has a guest service counter that will allow you to order your meal right then and there; however, if you are staying past normal opening hours, you may have to wait until the next morning when the buffets begin.

If you are looking for a dining experience that is out of this world, you will want to take your car back to Spirit Mountain and eat at the Cheesecake Shop. Here, you will be treated to some of the best baked cheesecakes in the world; as well as being able to pick up an assortment of different deli sandwiches. Their hot dogs are also some of the best you will ever have. Of course, you can enjoy an array of different pastries as well, including ones with almonds and sesame seeds in them.

One of the best parts about the Spirit Mountain Breakfast Buffet is that it is not as expensive as you may think. In fact, when you arrive at the hotel during their breakfast buffet hours, you will find that you have all the food and drinks you could possibly need at one location. This is a big plus when you are traveling with small children or if you simply do not like sitting down to a full meal. You can get the full meal, just choose to split the costs with a friend; or if you prefer, there is plenty of room for everyone at the hotel.