Spirit Mountain Casino Buffet

Spirit Mountain Casino Buffet is the winner of a yearly “Best Buffet” competition. And while the “Best Buffet” isn’t usually considered to be the most glamorous, there are a few things to look out for. With all of the options, you may be pleasantly surprised by the service that you get at the buffet.

spirit mountain casino buffet crab legs

So what’s in the buffet? Well, it is divided into two sections, which is either a hot or cold buffet. Then there is the “choose your own sandwich” section, as well as one section dedicated to both beverages and snacks.

For the hot buffet, you’ll find a line up of not only meat and seafood but also seafood dishes such as shrimp and lobster. There is also a deli that will have sandwiches that you can choose from, along with the usual and standard hot entrees.

The “choose your own sandwich” at the hot buffet includes sandwiches like turkey and cheese and chicken and banana peppers. You will also find hot entrees like Filet Mignon, Filet Loin and Chicken Tenders. Some of the entrees include some pork and sausage that will be tossed with garlic butter and mixed with ketchup.

Finally, the “choose your own sandwich” section of the buffet includes a veggie burger with white cheddar and smothered in ranch dressing. There is also an assortment of salads, which should make you more comfortable with the variety of different fruits and vegetables you’re likely to find.

Buffet services at Spirit Mountain Casino Buffet range from the pricey to the free. The more expensive is what they call a deluxe buffet, which features a separate lounge with cabanas, ice and soft drinks, though no bar seating is offered.

Most buffets feature a free buffet after you’ve paid your admission. But if you are the type of person who takes pleasure in tasting the flavors of the world, you may want to try the “pick up and pay cash” option. This makes sense because you are not obligated to pay anything extra if you don’t want to eat everything on the buffet table.