Spirit Mountain Casino

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Spirit Mountain Casino

It was the buffet spirit that first caught my attention when I visited Spirit Mountain Casino. The overall environment at the gambling section of the casino is very different from anything else that I had ever seen. It’s purposeful clutter and sense of mission really hooked me into it.

The Blackjack tables are set up in a way that can only be described as elegant. It looks like a cross between an art gallery and a war room. The walls are stacked high with random items – from corkscrews to cigar holders, and everything in between. The collection is so huge, it almost looks like a living room on wheels. Not only that, but a few of the tables have actual sound systems, and as a result you’ll find the sounds of the game as well.

While the meaty blackjack tables are definitely the most prominent feature, the tables themselves also seem to have some sort of purpose. Each blackjack table is very similar in size and shape. Not only that, but they are each unique and interesting in their own way.

Every table seems to have its own history and theme. With the cowboy theme, they’ve done something to each table. For example, the red one has a classic blackjack theme. They’ve even run into a Lone Ranger theme when a cowboy wallet is used to represent the sound card, and a gun holster has been used for the straight.

The buffet section of Spirit Mountain Casino is truly the best way to spend your time at this type of casino. They have a rotating selection of chocolates, cakes, beer, wine, soft drinks, exotic snacks, and coffee – making this the most expansive food/gambling combo in the country.

Each day, each table will offer a different type of blackjack. That is why it is necessary to know what type of hand you’re dealing with before betting on any of the tables. There is no guarantee that you’ll win, but it is just as likely that you won’t.

You have to get fully immersed in the total casino experience to enjoy yourself fully. For example, the more casual guests will spend a great deal of time just hanging out on the lounge area. The slot machines here pay out a variety of prize amounts, making this a nice place to spend a few minutes before the main games begin.

Overall, Spirit Mountain Casino is a remarkable creation. It’s truly a place where you can visit for just about any type of casino gamer or simply a fun stop while you’re visiting the area. It’s something that you have to check out if you’re ever in the area.